Shingon Sect

Mt.Toukou, Seisui-ji

The Seven Lucky Gods of Sado


The Seven Lucky Gods of Sado (Jurojin)The Painter of this Work

佐渡七福神 (寿老人)大画像筆者

Timeless masterpieces by the painter, Yoshitaka Magoshi, can be found in locations such as Nagoya Castle, Chion-in Temple, and Todai-ji Temple.  He is famous for his portraits of the emperors of Japan, completed in 1969.  Originally from Uraga in Kanagawa prefecture, he worked hard to establish the All Japan Portrait Art Association in 1950.  He is highly esteemed among his peers and was nominated the first president of the Eight Years Association.  In 1976, Hiei-zan awarded him the title of “Hou-gen” (“Dharma Eye”, an honorific title in the Buddhist faith).  He is an elder statesman of the world of portrait art in Japan.
The large image of The Seven Lucky Gods of Sado (Jurojin) is in the main hall.